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We partner with transitional housing and emergency shelters and community spaces across the city, where we create safe and fun play spaces at the shelters where the children live. Weekly volunteers dedicate their time, serving as playmates and mentors to children from 6 months to 12 years old. Learn more.

News & Notes

Playtime’s dynamic curriculum engages with and builds off children’s current interests, with the goal of strengthening three outcomes for children aligned with resilience: increasing their problem-solving skills, social-emotional learning skills, and optimism for the future.  

Our goal is to be a reliable presence for Playtime children and families, especially during times of high need, like back-to-school time. Playtime’s support extends beyond the playrooms, and we could not pilot new community-based programs like “Pop-Up” Family Playtime events and Playtime Summer Camp without the support of our generous community.

Playtime’s community-based Summer Camp provides a continuum of care for Playtime children. Children are now able to feel the consistent presence and support of Playtime staff and volunteers both inside the shelter and out in the community.