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We partner with transitional housing and emergency shelters and community spaces across the city, where we create safe and fun play spaces at the shelters where the children live. Weekly volunteers dedicate their time, serving as playmates and mentors to children from 6 months to 12 years old. Learn more.

News & Notes

Playtime is fortunate to have over 150 volunteers who dedicate their time to our weekly programs. They show up to our playrooms every week to support positive emotional development for one of the most vulnerable populations in the District and Prince George’s County. Our volunteers make a weekly commitment to running one of our six play programs at our partner sites, and we could not provide Playtime without them.

It’s always good news when families move out of shelters and into their own homes, but it is important to recognize the sense of community families create while living in transitional spaces. Having access to coordinated case management and circles of support is essential to making sure families have allies during this transition period.

Playtime is committed to supporting families and their mental health.