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Selma Siddig

Selma Siddig

Selma is a business and international development professional with a wide range of experience managing humanitarian programs for non-profit and international organizations. While she started her career at IBM Business Consulting, Selma soon realized her passion for international development and joined the World Bank Africa resident mission in Sudan where she was tasked to support the creation of a Multi Donor Trust Fund – a key program to aid the country’s reconstruction after the end of Africa’s longest running civil war. Upon returning to the United States, Selma worked for the American Red Cross supporting disaster relief programs in Haiti and other local non-profits where she managed various aspects of business operations to ensure efficient resource allocation and optimal program delivery. Her experience focused on providing program management services in compliance and risk assessment, grants management and regulation, due diligence, financial analysis and project implementation. Selma holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the George Washington University and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She is also a certified PMD Pro professional. During her undergraduate studies, Selma enrolled in a study abroad program at the University of Granada in Spain where she received an Honors achievement from the University Language Institute. 

Selma’s diverse and multicultural background is what makes her intentional about her career choices in uplifting marginalized communities. She believes that no nation can truly thrive or achieve sustainable development without equity and social justice.